Monday, July 2, 2012

Love for Jaynie

This is my friend Jaynie. My good friend Jaynie. The kind of friend that doesn't come along everyday. The kind of friend everyone needs at least once in a lifetime.
Jaynie and I see each other nearly everyday, or we at least talk on the phone once a day (sometimes I know it drives my husband mad, other times I know that he loves that if I talk it all out to someone else then he doesn't have to pretend to listen later :-p). We kid-wrangle together. We go shopping together. We work in the garden together. We cook meals and eat them together - with our children and sometimes our respective husbands (depending on their work shifts)
But times they are not easy for Jaynie and her boys. Jaynie also has breast cancer. A year ago she had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy and IV vit C. Things were looking good and Jaynie was feeling good. Then in early June this year - only 6 months after she had finished chemotherapy, we found out that Jaynie has lung metastases. She has secondary cancer. That means it has spread. Now this is a different game - now the fighting must start again and be much stronger.

You can read Jaynie's blog over here Breastfeeding with Cancer

Jaynie has already begun IV vit C treatment again and she is taking Mega-dose oral Vit c as well. She is also taking Cesium therapy. On Wednesday, 4th July, she will have a CT guided lung biopsy of the tumours - so that it can be typed and we will know if just maybe this is hormone driven this time (it makes it a cancer that is managed differently). Jaynie is is the process of sending away a blood sample for CTC testing - where the circulating tumour cells are tested for their sensitivities to all known natural and synthetic chemotherapies. The results of this will hopefully tell us which therapies will work and we can make sure he treatment is tailored to this.

But all of this comes at a cost - a considerable cost. And all within a year of doing it previously. There are supplement bills to pay, transport costs to hospital(just under 100km each way), days off work for her husband, the CTC testing ($5000 AUD),and the list goes on. So because of this we are looking to raise funds for Jaynie and her family. Because anything will be of help at this stage.

You can read about our this further and see what we have planned to help from here Love for Jaynie

If you would like to make a direct donation;

Bank Account details Name: Jaynies Funds National bank Details: 06-0942-0329539-00 All payments MUST have your name on them and MUST have a detail of where it is from i.e. weekly donation.

Or you can make a paypal donation through the button on this blog (but please be aware that we do lose approx 3.5% of every transaction to Paypal)

Thank-you. Pip xxx