Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A raffle for Christchurch

It would be very surprising if you hadn't heard about the devastating earthquake that rocked Christchurch on February 22nd. The magnitude of this disaster is like nothing that little ole' NZ has ever experienced and the cleanup will be lengthy and expensive. Up here in Northland it is hard not to feel helpless towards the plight of our fellow NZer's as for most of us life is going on as normal.

The Man about the House has just returned from Christchurch where he has spent a week helping out. The pictures and stories that he has returned home with tell of a city that is full of destruction.

Apart from getting out and rattling a bucket for a couple of hours (and donating my husband for a week ;-p) I feel that I have done very little to help the people of Christchurch. Sooo I have decided to run a couple of raffles. Up to be won are 2 knitted vests from designs by the lovely Tikki.

The first raffle is for a "Milo" vest, sz 4. This is knitted in pure NZ wool from Christchurch in a gorgeous chocolate that is ever so slightly gradient toned. This looks great dressed up or over those kindy clothes to keep warm while playing hard.

The second raffle is for a sweet wee girls knit, an "Acacia" vest. This is a sz 3 and is knitted in a super soft bamboo (80%) and wool (20%) blend. So soft it can be worn straight on the skin or over a tee-shirt as it gets cooler.

Ok so how to enter...

Donate online through the Red Cross to the Canterbury earthquake appeal . Every $5 that you donate will give you three entries. Please leave me comment and give me your receipt number, donation amount and which raffle(s) you want to enter.

I am going to let this run for 2 weeks and the draw will be made by my very own local constabulary member on 31 March 2011.

I will also have this running IRL at the kidlets preschool.

Please note that I am happy to post these garments to the winners internationally or nationally :-)